Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Eclectic Enough?

Wow. Looking through the list of topics for pycon 2007. The diversity is striking. Some examples that struck me:

  • A look at the deployment and usage of Python for feature films inside of Sony Pictures Imageworks.
  • Python In Open Pit Mining Operations
  • A review of a Python application used by Computational Neuroscientists to model brain cortex.
  • pyweek: making games in 7 days
  • Python and wxPython for Experimental Economics
  • How I Wrote a Python App and Got $5 Million
  • Accessing and serving scientific datasets with Python
  • Galaxy: A Python based web framework for comparative genomics
  • Visual Python in a Computational Physics Course

and of course

  • Jython for Python Developers

Are we having fun yet?

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