Monday, April 30, 2007

Python Meetup, London

Well the snap Python meetup was fun. The Porterhouse Pub is something of a maze so I was glad I eventually found the table with the O'Reilly Book on it. Some folk who turned up later didn't find us at all, apparently.

It was great to put faces to some (blog) names.

My big takeaway from the evening: I worked in Financial Services in the City of London in the late Eighties. It wasn't fun (technically speaking) - 8086 assembler and C (if you were lucky).

Today, well, lots of interesting Python stuff going on in the City. *Lots*. Most of it going on under the covers in the if-I-tell-you-I'll-have-to-NDA-you area.

Its a fun time to be in the City if you are a Python developer.

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