Tuesday, January 15, 2008

XML Fallacies to watch out for

A list of 23 of the most mundungus, noisome, hircine and jumentous fallacies that I have chewed on, ejected, strode briskly past or anhelated in the presence of, over the last twenty years practicing as a document management/content management/publishing-oriented person.

Data-heads who see the world (and thus the XML within it) in terms of relational tables or in terms of property-value pairs should probably just move swiftly on. Nothing to see here. Doc-heads and Web-heads: read on:

XML Fallacies to watch out for.


Unknown said...

Fantastic list.

I would like to add another fallacy.

For a given Schema (XSD, DTD, Relax NG, Schematron) and content, multiple users will always produce the same XML document
(IOW. there is only one XML representation for any content and schema combination).

Sjoerd Visscher said...

I am trying to unite these fallacies with the product of the company I am working for: Xopus, a user friendly (WYSIWYG, WP-style interface), schema driven, browser based XML editor. What is your opinion on a tool like this?