Sunday, December 28, 2008

Firefox+OpenOffice on Linux verus Firefox+OpenOffice on Windows

Today I ambled around an interesting difference between Linux and Windows w.r.t. Firefox+OpenOffice. Methinks I'm missing something but here is what I'm seeing:

- On Windows, I can enable Mozilla Plug-in in OpenOffice 3 and get OO docs to open read-only in a Firefox browser window. I can then click to open a full frame window in edit mode.

- On Linux, I can do the same but with mozplugger installed I can go a step further. I.e. I can open OO docs read/write in an embedded browser window. No need to click to enable editing, no need for an external window.

Is this an example of Firefox+OO being a more powerful combo on Linux than it is on Windows or am I missing a trick?

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rgz said...

Nice find.