Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dochead screening tool

Partly in jest and partly in complete seriousness. Here are a list of things I believe contribute to docheadedness.

  • A love of language. This can present itself in a love of reading, puns, typography, poetry, concern for the beautiful renderings of the theorems of Ramanujan.
  • A love of classification. This can present itself in a love of folder structures, meta-models, abstractions that blur distinctions between nouns and verbs. Formalisms like speech act theory, FRBR, HyTime, RDF. Frameworks like ebXML, TEI etc.
  • A love of reference and citation. Language referencing language. Language that references itself. Dynamically typed programming systems. Recursion.
  • An output-centric mentality for computerization. IT is good if it helps you produce great outputs quickly. Everything else is secondary.
  • A love of patterns. This can present itself in a love of music, logic puzzles, dance, cooking.

I do not know any dochead who score 100 on these but I don't know any docheads that score 0 either.

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Anonymous said...

How about just "constantly dealing with mixed content", which quickly bumps into the limitations of a datahead mindset? (Don't miss my illustration of representative participants at