Sunday, July 19, 2009

Please re-enter your e-mail address..

"Please re-enter your e-mail address...".

Gosh, I really, really hate that in a form. All I do is copy paste the previous one anyway. Not the worlds most effective cross-checking control.


Anonymous said...


I think the rationale behind that is that if you lose your password the only way to reset it is through your email.

So the tradeoff seems to be either enter your password twice, then don't forget it, or enter your email twice and have a chance to recover it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are technical and you will just copy/paste it. Many "ordinary" people will re-enter it. And apparently the re-entering catches quite some errors. At least, that's what I read once in a discussion on this feature that's nowadays common.

I can imagine the advantage outweighs the drawbacks. Sadly :-)


Anonymous said...

Bah! I hate web sites that don't make you type it twice. Type it once, get a typo, and you'll never touch that account again. Create a new one! Hope you didn't order anything!

Anonymous said...

Even if you copy and paste, the mere existence of the verification field makes you take a second look at the field. If you assume that there's a 1% chance that you enter the address wrong, and a 10% chance that you don't notice the error while selecting the text, that still gets you from one failure in one-hundred to one in one-thousand.