Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MyTouch - first impressions

Well, my problems with getting up and running with the MyTouch turned out to be a SIM card problem and has now been fixed. I'm into my second day with this thing now and so far so good. It is taking me some time to get used to the on-screen touch keyboard but I'm getting there.
The app store is so far a little disappointing as there are lots of "doesn't work on G2" comments. Some of the apps I've downloaded have flat-out not worked but a good few have worked fine. I'm still exploring. Biggest hardware disappointment so far: that weird cable you need to add to turn the usb connector into a headphones jack. What where they thinking?


Scott Hudson said...

Glad you got it working! I agree the onscreen keyboard is taking some getting used to.

The best apps I've found for myTouch (so far and in no particular order):
Power Manager
Google Maps (replace the default android version)
Google Sky Map
The Weather Channel
Movie Finder
Google Voice
Digital Clock Widget
Places Directory
Bible (youversion.com)

Not so sure about Sherpa yet. Still playing with it

Popcorn said...

I thought the headset dongle was going to be annoying until I actually used it. I actually like it now because of the button. You can easily pause your music without waking up and unlocking the phone.

I wish it was built into the headphones, like the one the iPhone uses, but then again I'd be stuck with their headphones, instead of my lovely Philips SHE5920s.