Friday, December 12, 2014

It all boils down to this

A lot of what I work on, a lot of what I think about, a lot of my own journey into epistemology, Zen, Music. Semiotics, Legisprudence and computer science can be neatly summarized thus:

xs:element name="documentType" type="xs:string"


Dan Sickles said...

Thanks for leaving out the angle brackets. My are are hurting from the work week.

Curiously, what is the application to music?

Sean McGrath said...

Music Theory tries to differentiate between different *types* of things. In western music, the biggest type system is the concept of keys. So, we have this big theory corpus about how keys can explain musical forms...but much of the interesting stuff - take blues for example, or Irish Traditional Music - breaks the type system.
So you end up with a taxonomy that says something like this:
"music splits into two types: the type that works cos people clearly like it, and the type that doesn't"
Having a type system that fails to enumerate all the types and allows for the type field to be *anything* can thus either be because the designer has not thought it through to find the enumeration of types *OR* because the design has thought it through and concluded than no bounded type system is in fact. possible.