Monday, January 18, 2016

The biggest IT changes in the last 5 years : domain names ain't what they used to be

The scramble for good domain names appears to be a thing of the past. A couple of factors at work I think.

Firstly, there is obviously a limited supply of {foo}.com and {bar}.com. Out of necessity, "subdivided domain names" seems to be getting more and more popular. e.g. {foo}.{hub}.com and {bar}.{hub}.com are on the same domain name.  So too are {hub}.com/{foo} and {hub}.com/{bar}.

This has worked out well for those who provide hub-like web presence e.g. facebook,, etc.

Secondly, browser address windows have morphed into query expressions, often powered by Google under the hood. Even if I know I am looking for an entity {foo} that I know owns {foo}.com, I will often just type into the search bar and let the search engine do the rest.

Extending DNS with new domains like .club etc. only pushes the problem down the road a bit.

I am reminded very much of addresses of locations in the real world. Number 12 Example Avenue may start out as one address but it may decide to sub-divide and rent/sell apartments at that address. Now you have suite 123,Number 12, Example Avenue....

Nothing new in the world. DNS is like Manhattan. All the horizontal real estate of DNS is taken. The only want to get a piece of it now is to grab a piece of an existing address. DNS has entered its "high rise" era.

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