Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Content Free Acronyms

    "Part of the simplicity of the old days was that acronyms actually meant something." -- Content Free Acronyms

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Anonymous said...

these days, we also have google, which solves such problems. :)

AVI - Audio Video something. makes sense. Hmm. Interleave. it's ok.

SD - Secure Digital. digital chip, lets you store files and, if desired, use shitty DRM (hence the secure). SDHC is an extension that supports chips larger than 2G (hence HC - High Capacity).

MOD I'm not familiar with. Turns out that JVC uses that on its cameras for .MPG files. ok.

VOB is the file extension for Video OBjects on a DVD. It's a specific file format.

Of course, these are all things that didn't exist back in the days of DR-DOS, but I wouldn't say the acronyms mean nothing, except for MOD. (MODs, of course, used to be downloadable music files for software or hardware sequencers).