Friday, August 15, 2008


So, over on The Left Field, it was pointed out to me that the Time Machine capabilities of MacOS are worth looking at.

I kill - as is my wont - two birds with one stone. One of my kids needs a computer anyway...This confluence of sublunary circumstance manifests a Macbook Air Chez McGrath. All is a haze of purple-tinged wonderfulness for a couple of days and then ...

A degree of hand pressure on the lid that would be utterly harmess to, say, a Thinkpad X61 evinces a sickening CRACK,

One busted Macbook Air screen. Googling around, we console ourselves with the fact that we are not alone. Then we gasp at the cost of a replacement screen.

That is where we are at now. Gasping. Dunno where we go from here.



Jarrod said...

that is why you _ALWAYS_ buy the AppleCare for laptops. It is a waste of money on non-portable computers. But for something that gets tumbled around it has always paid for it self for everyone I know.

pydanny said...

My MacBook Pro keyboard started to have issues a few months ago. Took it to the Mac store where they said since it was out of warranty is would cost me, "Eighteen Fifty" to have it serviced. I was overjoyed since the laptop keyboard replacement costs $80 on-line. Unfortunately, they meant $1850! Just for a laptop keyboard?!?

Since then I've resolved to always buy cheap laptops for my son that either have Linux pre-installed (eeePC) or Windows (just install linux).